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The Domestic Services Team You Can Depend On

At Ideal we want you to feel that you can get in touch with us whenever you need to. Whether to change a booking, request specifics for your booking or just get help using the service. Select an option below and we'll get right on it. You can also chat to someone instantly via our online chat should you need to. There are also answers to a lot of questions you might have below in our FAQs. All covered!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide the Cleaning Materials?

Ideal Cleaning does not provide cleaning materials and it is key you have these for your clean. We recommend a minimum of a vacuum/mop, cleaning cloths, a sponge/scour, toilet cleaner, limescale remover and an all purpose cleaner as well as any specialist product you may require such as an oven cleaner.

Do I have to be at home for my booking?

That is up to you. We would recommend for your first booking that you are there to meet and let your cleaner/ housekeeper know any special instructions, where to get a key etc. If not you can always provide additional instructions online and we'll be sure to organise your requirements.

How much time should I book for cleaning?

That depends greatly on the size of your home and the amount of cleaning required. If you're not 100% sure how much is required just drop us a note here with the details and we can give you our opinion. Alternatively, just book what you think and if it is too little or too much we can make the necessary adjustments. 

How do you monitor your service providers?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we therefore constantly monitor how our providers are doing. They are highly experienced, trained and fully referenced. We also monitor feedback and ratings stringently so any issues, although extremely rare, are quickly dealt with. 

How do I book repeat bookings?

If you'd like to book a recurring booking simply select the repeat option when making your booking. You can choose daily, weekly & fortnightly bookings. We'll make sure you have a dedicated housekeeper for repeat bookings. 

Can I book at short notice?

Of course. The only catch is that because the notice is so short we do charge more per hour for these cleans so that we can pay our providers and service managers a little more for being available. You'll see the 'Last minute' options when you book. 

What times and days can I book?

Our cleaners are available at many times of day and all week long. The only limit is the cleaners' chosen working hours and their availability. You can see this when making your booking; only available times are shown. Get in touch if your needed time isn't there and we can try to make it work. 

What if the time is not enough?

Not to worry, subject to availability you can ask your provider to stay a little longer and we can adjust your booking accordingly. If they are not available for the extra time that particular time just get in touch with the time required in future and we'll adjust your booking accordingly. 

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Unfortunately we do not offer dry cleaning yet however we may be able to recommend a good dry cleaner in your local area and organise everything for you as an add on. Get in touch and let us know if you'd like this and we will let you know the options near you. 

Can I request multiple cleaners?

Of course. When making your booking, you'll have the option to add more cleaners. If you need more than is shown in the booking form just get in touch and we'll organise everything. 

What is the minimum clean time?

We have set a minimum booking time of three hours for cleaning services. Over time we have found, that for our customers, this allows for a meaningful clean of your home to the standard that Ideal strives towards. Other services with a two hour minimum can result in below par standards based on feedback. 

Question still not answered?

We still haven't answered your questions? Well that's disappointing! Don't worry though you can contact us anytime in many ways at the above links for any questions you might have. We are here to resolve your queries; Ideal!

A Little About Us

We are a highly skilled and professional team, passionate about high standards and quality but with a fair and sustainable approach. At Ideal Cleaning we achieve truly high quality, while ensuring we pay our team at least the Living Wage and while doing what we do in a sustainable way; all of the cleaners we send live within a three mile radius of the client to reduce carbon on journeys and we use Defra approved sustainable cleaning methods.

'Ideal Cleaning' is a trading name of 'Withease Limited;' a limited company registered in Ireland.


-Our service providers are paid at least the Living wage per hour worked. We pay more based on experience etc.

-Our providers are independent and self-employed. We offer them the flexibility to accept the jobs they would like and they manage their own schedule.

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