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Ideal Home Bundles

Ideal Cleaning & Home Services is your quintessential domestic service company in London. We pride ourselves on the highest standards of service and our housekeepers, cleaners and home services providers are the best. It's as simple as that.

Make the Most of it

Home Bundles

Many of our customers bundle services together to make the most of Ideal. Why not have your cleaning and dog walk in the same booking? Or a clean combined with pet feeding and accepting a delivery? Or how about house or pet sitting but with cleaning while you're away. Divine! Our bundles are flexible around your needs and during the booking process you will have the option to bundle up should you wish. Use the link below to book bundles.

What's included

Ideal Trained Homekeepers

Experienced in all our Home Services

Dedicated Bundle Service Managers

Better value when bundling

Prioritised service

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