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Ideal Home Services

Ideal Cleaning & Home Services is your quintessential domestic service company in London. We pride ourselves on the highest standards of service and our housekeepers, cleaners and home services providers are the best. It's as simple as that.

Peace Of Mind

House Sitting

If you are going away for a few days, a long holiday or an extended trip, our house sitting service will give you the required peace of mind while you are away. Our house sitting service provides for continuous stays over a number of days, or check ins at different times of day to switch on lights, close curtains etc and do general sweeps of the property to carry out any required checks as per your specified instructions.

Time Saved

Household Shopping

If you require household shopping on a regular basis to ensure hand picked quality, or need it for a one off large event we are happy to carry out your grocery shopping as and when required. Our expert shoppers will ensure the freshest items are picked, delivered to your home and put away as per your instructions without you even noticing. You'll arrive home to a fully stocked fridge and cupboards ready for the family to enjoy.

Here For You

Deliveries & Tradesmen

If you cannot be at home and have an important delivery on the way or tradesmen booked to carry out repairs, we can be there to ensure nothing or nobody gets missed. We can sign for items and even ensure tradesmen are shown areas as per your instructions. You'll return home to find your delivery waiting, even packed away should you wish, or repairs completed. Also available bundled with our other services. 

Love And Care

Pet Sitting

If you are going away for a few days or an extended trip, our experienced and vetted pet sitters will ensure your pet gets the love he or she needs while you're away. Our pet sitting service provides for continuous stays over a number of days, or check ins at different times of day to go for a walk, have play time, give attention and feed as per your specified instructions. Your pet will feel loved and cared for while you're away.

New Best Friends

Pet Walking

Our experienced and vetted pet walkers, it's usually dogs but we'll happily walk your iguana, are ideal for those who just do not have the time to walk their pet as often as they'd like due to other commitments. Whether it's over a period where you are particularly busy, say a month, or you need this on an ongoing basis, our pet walkers will build a great relationship with your pet while giving them the exercise they need. 

Essential Care

Pet Feeding

Similarly to pet sitting and walking, if you are away and need your pet fed at regular intervals, we will ensure this is carried out precisely to your specific instructions. Pet feeding can also work really well bundled up with our shopping or cleaning service, or both so that you have your shopping, cleaning and pet feeding with the same homekeeper all in one booking. Bundling provides better value for our home services.

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